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What kind of line or what size line do I need?

Please bring 20, 30, 40 pound test for most of our trip. Some times when the bigger fish are biting you will need heavier line too, 50 and 60 pound test. The boat will provide heavier line if required. Please watch the fish counts to see what size fish we are catching.

Do I need to bring a pillow or sleeping bag?

No, but you can if you think you will be more comfortable. We provide fresh blankets and pillow cases.

Do you think the boat is going to get out full on our trip?

No we are a limited load and an ultra limited load boat. we sleep 50 passenger plus crew. Now days the fishing public wants limited load trips. So we are running with 32 or less on more that 95% of our trips. This will give you extra open bunks for storage. The Sea Adventure 80 is the roomiest boat in the fleet for it’s size.

Can we add an extra 1/2 day or early departure to our charter to insure we will get to the fish and or have more fishing time?

In some cases yes, Please call Scott McD. to make this arrangements.

When is the best time to book our next charter?

You may book you next charter right now we are collecting charter dates for 2011 right now.

There might be a fuel surcharge this 2015 fishing season if prices keep going up.

Fuel prices are going up, right now some boats have a fuel surcharge. I am not sure yet if it will be necessary. but there is a very good chance that a sur-charge for fuel will be needed.

What time should my group be on the dock ready board the boat, and can we board the boat early?

Please be ready to board the boat 2 hours before departure, as the boat crew and captain always want to leave early when possible and needed.

What is your favorite trip, and why?

The longer the trip the more fishing time and range. Fishing time is very important, but with out the range you might not get to the quality fishing grounds. Most of the time a short one day trip is great. In many cases a 2.5 day trip will get you down another 100 miles and that sometimes makes a big difference.

Do you guys like Deadliest Catch on TV?

Sure it’s a great show, we enjoy it a lot. I am sure glad we don’t have the high seas and icing like they do. Our crab catch is Albacore and Tuna.

What does a Kelp Pattie look like?


Do you filet fish on board?


Steve filet’s fish.

What do fish look like on the Sonar?

The Furuno and Westmar sonars help a lot on locating fish. These fish on the sonar are just forward on the bow and on the starboard side. There is ten targets on the scope.
Fish on sonar screen

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